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Choose, download, import and run your application as fast as possible.

In a few minutes start your already configured project, with well known technologies in the market.

Current options

The most used technologies and frameworks

a few clicks to be configured, no complications


Spring, VRaptor, JSF, Vaadin ... Choose the framework you need


Pom file with all dependencies you need to run your project


Spring Security, Spring JPA, PrimeFaces, JPA, CDI

Java version

Choose the Java version that you need


MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, Oracle


Themes to your projects

Available technologies


The most used Java framework around the world. Enjoy all integrations provided for the Spring universe.


The MVC framework in JavaEE. Take advantage of the great UI extensions available in the JSF and its extensions.


A great MVC Java framework. Built on top of CDI, VRaptor enables a very clean integration with JavaEE

About the developers

Alberto Souza

Alberto is the core commiter of SetupMyProject. He is also a blogger and book writer :). He works at Caelum as teacher and developer.